The Philosophy of the Letter L in Your Office or Study

For any number of sentimental reasons, everyone has their favorite letter from the alphabet. Pick and choose one if you do not have one currently, there are only twenty four letters from the alphabet to choose from. But if you do have a favorite letter at this time, you might just agree that this may have something to do with a name. A loved one may be named Martha, and so your favorite letter is M. Your best business buddy may just be Andrew, so the letter A serves you well.

How convenient, because it is the very first letter of the alphabet. You are not likely to forget that one in a while. You may not even forget the last letter of the alphabet. Z, funny thing that as well, because it seems to connote more onerous occasions. Like operating around a ground zero environment. Z as in Zero and you get the point. To speak of your business buddy, let’s talk business for a while, if we may. Let’s also talk about being more organized.

Let’s sharpen our pencils and wax a little lyrical on the beneficial philosophy of utilizing l shaped office desks in the current business environment. As in L for the L shaped desk. It is astounding as to why so many work from home office users are still stubbornly persisting with a single desk, thinking all the while that they are saving up space in a cramped environment. You might be thinking that having an L shaped desk in your home office may take up more space, having an extra arm and all, but you will be surprised. You will be surprised by just how much space you will be saving going forward.

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