A Brief History of Sub-Zero Appliances and Repair

When it comes to refrigeration, there are few, if any, companies more world-renowned than Sub-Zero.  This is a company that has offered many different innovations when it comes to appliance models and repair over the years.  The following is a brief history of the company and what they have done to change the world of refrigeration.

The Beginning

In 1945, the company was founded by Westye F. Bakke.  They began their operations in Madison, Wisconsin, but have expanded all across the United States over the years.  It has been said that the free-standing freezer was actually invented in 1943 by Bakke, and he took that innovation to the market, creating his own successful business.

The Appliances

There are two primary series of built-in refrigerators that Sub-Zero offers, while also manufacturing units that go under the counter and units that store wine.  The wine units are interesting in that they were the very first to offer the ability connect to a home security system.  This is something that has helped many people to keep their expensive wine collections safe.


Over the years, Sub-Zero has expanded their repair and maintenance services all across the country.  You can now find Sub Zero refrigerator repair Key Largo services as well as in big cities like Chicago or LA.  This is a service that has helped Sub-Zero customers to keep their refrigeration systems running smoothly at all times, no matter where they might happen to live.

When it comes to refrigeration systems, there are very few companies out there with the history and reputation of Sub-Zero.  They have been a leading innovator when it comes to building and repairing refrigeration systems.  With over 70 years in business, they continue to move forward to this day with new and innovative ways to keep our perishable items cold.

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